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The  process of constructing a building  is as follows: 

-   You  have been informed about us either through the flyer we mailed you,
     by visiting our website or somedody recommended us to you.    
-   We  pay a visit to your property -the property in question-   we review the              
     drawings, we exchange views about the project with you, the Client.
-   We prepare and submit a proposal to you, we discuss costs, time-frame,
     insurance coverage, etc
-   Following execution of our agreement with you, and provided all permits have          been issued by the authorities, we commence work.
-   We work on the job solidly and consistenly so that our projects be
     completed on time, within the time limit we have agreed upon.
-   Supervision and Management of the trades as well as the construction site  in
     general is of utmost importance. 




Tel:  647 - 830.5140,   416 - 921.1486